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US families discard 25% more waste over the holidays than at any other time of the year. This intimidating amount comprises a significant portion of the supplies needed for present wrapping. The plastic bows, ribbons, and shimmering wrapping paper can’t recycle and wind up in landfills.

Purchasing large quantities of non-recyclable wrapping paper from flower gift boxes manufacturers and then discarding them once the presents are opened is the main issue. This year, if every American household wrapped only three gifts for the holidays with reusable materials, 45,000 football fields’ worth of paper would be saved. It matters to take tiny measures toward sustainability.

The most sustainable methods for gift wrapping

When it comes time to wrap the personalized presents you bought from Printful, start by searching your house for any reusable materials. Check-in with your friends and family if you have something helpful to share; they will be pleased to help.


Furoshiki is a Japanese wrapping material that was originally used to transport goods, but it is now widely utilized in various cultures as an environmentally responsible way to wrap gifts. All you need is a two-sided square cloth and some basic folding knowledge to wrap a gift in furoshiki.

There are many more furoshiki gift-wrapping options available that may be used for a variety of present shapes and sizes. Use a piece of material you already own to get the most out of it; search your wardrobe or scarf drawer for overlooked treasures.

Kraft Paper

The majority of wrapping paper is not recyclable. If combined with recyclable paper, shiny, laminated paper, and anything sparkling, glossy, and metallic-looking contaminate the entire batch. This is where recyclable and biodegradable kraft paper comes into play.

When it comes to adorning a present wrapped in kraft paper, let your imagination go wild. Use natural decorations on the gifts, such as dried orange slices, pinecones, or dried plants, to go with the rustic style of the paper.

Gift Bags

It’s not as hard as you would think to find eco-friendly gift bags. To begin with, a multipurpose bag may be useful as a gift bag. A present packaging in an eco-friendly tote would be a great choice by magnetic closure gift box seller. Make a personalized drawstring bag or tote bag instead, and the recipient will cherish it for years to come.

Craft enthusiasts may make their own reusable and environmentally friendly fabric gift bags. Search your closet for items that may be reusable but don’t appear worn out or outdated, such as pillowcases, scarves, sweaters you no longer wear, and anything else.

Newspaper Wrap

This easy and inexpensive idea may transform into something significant in several ways. For instance, search through your stack of newspapers for a humorous or intriguing story that goes well with the present you’re giving. Alternatively, look for an unsolved crossword puzzle and utilize it as a spot to express your festive wishes.

Someone you know undoubtedly has a stack of newspapers at home, even if you don’t have any yourself. Request that your friends or family members give you some of the newspapers they no longer use in return for sharing your concept for gift wrapping. They may also give it a go!

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