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The world’s non-biodegradable plastic and steadily rising pollution levels have made climate change a major worry for both governments and citizens. The NCEI estimates that during 1880, the earth’s temperature has risen by 0.08°C (0.14°F) per ten years. 

The overuse of plastic is one of the several factors contributing to the drastically altered climate. Customers are becoming more aware of the environmental effects of the products they purchase. 

People are becoming more conscious of sustainability as a result of increased climate awareness. This is encouraging businesses like quality paper gift boxes sellers even more to use environmentally friendly packaging options and sustainable materials.

Why Not to Use Plastic

Historically, businesses and suppliers have packed and delivered their goods to clients using plastic packaging. However, using plastic has been widely criticized in society. It is merely due to the numerous negative environmental effects of plastic packing. 

The UNEP estimates that 400 million tons of plastic garbage are produced worldwide per year. This quantity of plastic decomposes throughout the land and water, contaminating soil and aquatic habitats. Plastic takes hundreds of years to break down and is never completely dissolved in the environment. 

According to UNEP, millions of tons of plastic garbage are burned or thrown into the environment. In other circumstances, the debris is transferred to locations where it is burned.

Why Choose Paper

There are now a large number of eco-friendly packaging enterprises in India thanks to the launch of numerous sustainable packaging options. Paper packaging is gaining popularity among different product-based businesses due to its many advantages. 

Paper packaging has advantages not just for the environment but also for businesses. Business-wise, paper packaging is economical, adaptable, and strong, enhancing the visual appeal and design of your goods. 

Paper packaging is superior to plastic packaging for several important reasons, including:

Easy Recycling

Paper recycling plants gather used paper goods and cardboard boxes and turn them into paper goods and other paper products. Using paper packaging also encourages businesses to preserve and cultivate trees. 

To create packing material without using fresh raw materials, businesses can also recycle paper several times. Single-use plastic packaging materials are not as environmentally friendly as paper packaging. Paper recycling is a straightforward procedure that takes little time, so businesses might recycle more paper packaging.


Paper is biodegradable and decomposable since it is comprise of trees. Paper-based packaging materials, such as shredded papers, are environmentally benign since they are from renewable and biodegradable raw materials like paperboard. 

It is a common misconception among the public that paper packaging materials such as cardboard, boxes, and shredded paper are by felling trees. That is untrue, though, as a large number of recycled paper goods and components are useful to create packaging. They are now completely biodegradable and have a more sustainable nature.

Better Printing

Businesses may gain a lot from using paper for product packaging as it increases brand awareness. Businesses don’t need to invest in specialist material printing to print their designs and logs on paper. 

The paper provides a smoother, more readable surface on which to print brand identification and any other pertinent product information. Businesses are choosing eco-friendly paper packaging materials for quality paper jewelry boxes because paper packaging is visible and simple to use.

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